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From the first consult with Ingrid, I knew I wanted to work with her. Within minutes of our first session, she was hard at work writing out a business plan for me to bring in money immediately. I didn’t look back. I jumped right in with her.

If she believed I could hit over $300K, well I had better get on board quick! Within 5 days of my first session with Ingrid, I closed my 2 highest paying contracts ever at 45% more than I'd ever charged before!

Ingrid helped me come up with an incredible brand strategy and was there for me every step of the way with valuable insight and creativity.

Before working with Ingrid, I was scattered brained in life and in business resulting in daily overwhelm and extreme stress with not enough money coming in! Since working with Ingrid, I’ve found focus, clarity and more FUN again in life and in my business. Plus, making a TON more money helps too!

If you're considering working with Ingrid, stop considering and send her payment right now because if you listen to what she says you will be ROLLING IN IT TOO (cash that is)! Seriously!

I've worked with MANY coaches and have never had these results. I can't say enough good things about her, but if I had to choose just 3 words they would be: Best. Coach. EVER. Ingrid honestly cares, connects and listens to your desires and goals and creates a plan customized just for you.

The day I met Ingrid will go down as the day my business life changed for the better forever! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

- Tiana Gustafson – Branding, Monetization & Online Strategist and CEO Diva of

Working with Ingrid has opened me into this beautiful place of knowing myself deep within my soul. I now truly honor and value what I’m here to teach. Her process and guidance has inspired me to create a comprehensive 5 figure high-end program, that’s revolutionizing my business, my lifestyle and the impact of my work.

Working at this level has changed my life. I’m attracting a global client base and it’s just beginning. I’ve just launched my latest workshop, which sold out in days. Ingrid is an intuitive creative mastermind who will up level your business, your mindset, your worth and your service. She guides you with passion, whip smart action, fierce love and spiritual guidance.

Jackie Isles, Wellness Strategist at

If you’re looking to master the inner game of wealth look no further. If you’re looking to sell high- end coaching that brings all of YOU into the forefront while making you wildly wealthy, Ingrid is your woman. She rocks.

Ingrid is a breath of fresh air in an industry that has the potential to give you the lifestyle freedom of your dreams, but too often is full of gurus who don't really tell you what's really going to work to build your business.

Ingrid is straightforward, no B.S, one of the most sincere champions of your success I have ever met. She is full of love, but no fluff. She is fierce and she will be in your corner every step of the way. Ingrid will teach you how to own your value like no other and she has a laser sharp intuition combined with epic business experience that she grounds into creating the most soulfully gorgeous programs that you can sell at high ticket prices.

Kylie Slavik, Story and Launch Expert for Women Entrepreneurs

Working with Ingrid has already significantly increased my income in a few weeks. I returned from holidays and sold my first two high-end programs in 3 days and brought in $10,000 in revenue and then $25,000 within 3 weeks. I’ve never done that before!

Working with Ingrid has radically changed my relationship to myself, my past and my business. Before commencing the CEO Diva program, I was scattered and not truly empowered to take the action I needed to build my business. Ingrid immediately identified the core beliefs that kept me trapped in just scraping by in my business. Now, I feel truly excited and confident about my business. I’m able to ask for what I deserve and I know without a shadow of a doubt that I have what it takes to deliver. As I’ve healed through the CEO Diva program, my intuition and channeling gift have up leveled big time allowing me to serve my clients at a deeper level. I’ve moved from playing the disempowered princess to rocking my CEO Diva Queen archetype.

Initially I was scared about investing in myself and Ingrid’s program, but within days I was completely convinced that CEO Diva is one of the best things I’ve done to build my brand and company. I’ve stepped into my power. I’m owning my talent and it’s building my bank balance.

The cool thing about working with Ingrid is that I’m also having a divine time getting these results without having to push and struggle my way to success. It’s been a wonderful change allowing me to work with divine feminine energy and releasing the standard paradigm that I’ve found terribly exhausting. I am now building my business on my own terms. I’ve also been approached to partner with several big companies. When you work with Ingrid, you’ll be making a life changing investment in your success. Watch this space.

Sharona Lautoe, Soul Mama, Channel and founder of Life Alchemy

Ingrid Arna is priceless. Really. She’s been an AH-MAZ-ING mentor, confidant, coach, friend and soul sista. Words don’t (and can’t) express the impact her presence has had on my life. I was able to launch my nutrition and transformational business selling $1500 one-day intensives and my $5000 high-end program.

Ingrid has helped me step into my divine power, gifts and intuition like nothing I’ve ever experienced. She guided me to move from being a run of the mill nutrionist to up leveling into a much bigger vision of my work and calling. I know claim and deeply own that I’m a spiritual teacher. I’ve gained a TRUE understanding that I CAN, as a determined divine woman following my heart and soul, co-create & fulfill every desire, want and need, in my life, relationship, business. And it can be done with ease and grace. While I intellectually “knew” that – it has actually sunk in deep to my core now.

Ingrid says it like it is, with love, humor and patience. She holds an incredible amount of space and is one of the most generous women I know.

I couldn’t have done this without Ingrid. She’s a gem. She’s helped me to heal my soul, clear my money fears and step into my divine power as an intuitive visionary leader.

Caitlin McCarthy - nutrionist, spiritual teacher and divine intuitive at

Ingrid gave me the courage to put my life story on my website today which was deeply personal and also the inspiration to launch my first high-end program. 2 hours later I got a booking and sold my first high-end program!

Susanne Grant - Hypnobirthing Queen and CEO of The Grant Method

Ingrid is the real deal and one in a million. Working with Ingrid is one of the best things I’ve ever done.

She’s a breath of fresh air, and a marketing and branding powerhouse. Her ability to identify and confidently zero in on personal blocks that were holding me back, gave me an awesome and much needed holistic business approach that accelerated the growth of my practice.

In a matter of months, we developed a business model, created my new brand and developed a comprehensive coaching program – Our Healthy Children: The Leading Nutrition Program For Healthy Kids and Families. She has been with me every step of the way, giving her compassion, guidance, humor and wisdom. She has definitely taken my business, my confidence and personal growth to new heights. I am clear, centred and empowered to build a leading brand.

Ingrid has an inner strength that shines through and is incredibly motivating. She is professional, delivers beyond expectations, and has experience well beyond her years. She sets clear, achievable goals that stretched and challenged me to grow, and we achieved great results! Since working with Ingrid, I’ve also secured a corporate client, and developed additional programs and revenue streams. I am so grateful to have worked with Ingrid and highly recommend her CEO DIVA program.

Kate Barnes -

It’s been nothing short of a miracle working with Ingrid. She’s magnificent! I just knew Ingrid could help me but it felt incredibly daunting because I sensed she was the real deal and it took a lot of courage and follow through to sign up and fully commit to work with her. But Ingrid has supported me from the very beginning to where I am now standing, which is in a much, MUCH happier place in my life. My confidence has grown, my creativity is flowing and I am immensely excited that I’m now actively working towards my dream career as a singer. I feel like I’m right where I need to be - it’s very comforting. If you’ve been lucky to come across Ingrid, DO IT! You’ve been drawn to her for a reason! Just dive in. You won’t regret it. Oh but beware...You’ll become a new person.

Tasha Arden, Singer, Songwriter and Entrepreneur

Ingrid is a force to be reckoned with. She carries the intuition to truly acknowledge people where they are while offering her experience to take them where they need to go. She is both nurturing and dynamic. Ingrid is a catalyst for the woman who is ready to grab ahold of their value, leave burn-out behind and make money doing what they were born to do.

Working with Ingrid, has really inspired me to own my value in my life and in my business. She’s completely expanded my worth!

Ashley Beaudin, Entrepreneur, founder of The Fire Box and copywriter

Ingrid has been a blessing to me. She has given me the courage to increase my rates by 1500%! And that’s just the beginning. Thank you so much your wisdom, generosity and love.

Didiayer Synder, TV show host, producer and mamapreneur